Pastor William Sullivan

Enduring Truth. Enduring Love. Enduring Mission.

Testimony: In 2001, Will traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to train for the NFL. An unbelieving, unchurched young man at that time, Will was invited to an athlete’s bible study where he gave his life to Christ. Upon returning home to Wichita, Kansas, however, he found himself struggling to live the Christian life. After receiving an invitation from a group of friends to move to Phoenix, Will accepted it as an opportunity to get his life in order and become a true follower of Christ, and his life since has become an extraordinary one.

Prior to then, in 1996, he’d accepted a football scholarship to Hutchinson Community College in Kansas. He excelled on the football field, and his excellence in the classroom as well earned him a scholarship to play Division I football for Bowling Green State University. After graduating, Will played five years professionally in the Canadian Football League and Arena Football League. Will was called away from football in 2005 during a conference in Nashville, TN, where the spirit of God led him to sacrifice his career in order to fulfill the calling to advance God’s kingdom.

Education and Ministry:  Will graduated with an associate degree from Hutchinson Community College, and a B.A. in Liberal Studies from Bowling Green State University in 2000. He began his work in ministry at Desert Life Church in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2003 serving in the children’s ministry. At the time playing for the Arizona Rattlers arena team, he led the team’s bible study, seeing several teammates and community members commit their lives to Christ. At the same time, Will was asked to lead a bible study for AIPC, a Native American organization that provides therapeutic help to at-risk youth from reservations. Will saw many men, women and children give their lives to Jesus Christ through the opportunity. In 2004, while playing for the Grand Rapids Rampage AFL team in Michigan, he again led the team’s bible study, which saw teammates and staff members give their lives to Christ. Will was given the Community Service Award for his ministry and work in the community while in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Will went on to serve two years with the Every Nation Campus Ministry outreach at Arizona State University’s campus. During that time span, Will enrolled in the Every Nation Bible Institute and graduated within two years. In 2007, he became the youth pastor at Desert Life Church where he served the teens in Scottsdale faithfully for three years. In 2010, Will was commissioned to preach the word of God as the associate pastor at Desert Life Church. Two years and a considerable amount of prayer later, Pastor Will resigned from Desert Life Church to pursue his family’s next assignment. He transferred to Tempe Life Church in March 2012, where he served as associate pastor until July 2012, when, after an abrupt resignation by the senior pastor, Will was asked to transition into the senior pastor position there. Through prayer and God’s wisdom, Pastor Will closed the doors of Tempe Life Church in November 2012, and in December 2012, he and the leadership team opened the doors of Endurance Church of the Valley.

Pastor Will in the community and in the media: Will has appeared and been featured on NFL Network, ESPN Magazine, the New York Post, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, USA Today, TBN and other media outlets. He has also been a guest analyst of wide receivers and defensive backs on ESPN Radio. He is a nationally recognized, respected performance coach, earning a reputation through his training companies, Sullivan Proformance, Shutdown U and TDMakers, as an elite ‘hybrid’ speed and skills coach. ‘Coach’ Sullivan has been the private offseason position and speed coach for NFL All-Pros Darrelle Revis, Vincent Jackson, Adrian Wilson, Brandon Marshall and many others in the NFL and MLB. His speed training programs have produced some of the fastest 40-yard dash times ever recorded at the NFL combine.

Will has been a guest speaker for such sought-after presentation companies as Big Mouth Presentations, Solid Rock International, Quan Presentations and others. He was the keynote speaker for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Youth Clinic and the NBNY Youth Leadership summit, where he was voted best speaker in 2007 and 2008. He has been featured on Fox Sports and the TBN show, “In Our Town.”

Family: Pastor Will has been married to Patricia Sullivan for 10 years, and they have a beautiful young daughter named Gabriella. His wife Patty is a beautifully spirited, down-to-earth woman with a gracious nature whom the women of Endurance Church of the Valley love dearly. A skilled physician assistant, Patty is gifted with a nurturing, gentle and wise spirit. She keeps Pastor Will on the ball, and in line.