In Part 5 of our sermon series, Pastor Will urged us to ” Stop Worrying and Start Living!”

Please listen here:


Our anxiety can cause us to return to a carnal way of thinking. Worry and anxiety are distortions of Godly concern and care. Not knowing the difference between the two can cause your faith to get choked out.

Anxiety and worry go beyond reasonable concern and involves worrying about possibilities. Anxiety shifts our focus away from God instantly. We become concerned that something we want to happen or that something that we don’t want to happen, will happen. Anxiety thrives in the shadows of our assumptions and judgments.

We must examine and reject the unhealthy competing concerns that rest within our hears that choke the word of God in our lives making it unfruitful, leaving us unproductive and uncertain.

When we are consumed with the worries of life, we are not focused on God, nor are we focused on what is true. Concern yourself with obeying God today and you won’t have to worry about tomorrow.

Some of us are not taking the next step in our faith because the volume of our worries tunes out the vitality of God’s voice. Instead of pursuing God and what He desires for us, we choose to pursue what our heart desires for its pleasures. Always remember that only God knows what is good for us, and only He knows what will make us grow.