In part 4 of our sermon series, Pastor Will address the topic, “What can man do to me?”

List to the sermon here:

When we face our most paralyzing moments of fear we must examine the focus of our fear. The focus of our fear is something that we can’t lie about. Why? Because one can always say with their mouths that they fear not, however- our lives will always reflect the manifestation of the truth that we choose to accept. Either you fear man and the confrontation, conflict, and conclusion of all that you believe to be true of man’s wrath or you fear God.


The fear of God is the fear of depriving ourselves of the protection of God’s grace, which retreats from us as we retreat from it through sin. The loss of God’s love comes only from ourselves. Faith is the knowledge of God’s love, the consciousness that all is possible with God. Awareness of our weakness creates dependency on God. If there is no fear of God and no faith, then we are beset with problems, the solutions to which we can only vainly seek with our human means. Nothing can work out for us without faith and the fear of God, without whom we can do nothing. With fear of God and faith we draw near, but without fear of God and faith, we draw away.


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